Monday, July 4, 2011

Book Review: My Blood Approves

My Blood Approves

A couple of months ago I was searching the Nook library for cheap interesting books. I find a few, but the one that really struck my interest was the book My Blood Approves. I didn't really have much time to read it while I was in school. I read a little here and there in some of my spare moments. I didn't get to really get into it until a few weeks ago. One I sat down and truly started reading, I couldn't put it down. It got really good and I just had to know what happened next with each page turn. The cover is pretty, but it isn't fascinating like most books that are coming out these days. I think the other ones in the series are better. I like that every book cover in the series connects together.
Here is the other books:
My Blood ApprovesFate (My Blood Approves, Book 2)Flutter (My Blood Approves, Book 3)Wisdom (My Blood Approves, #4)
The first book Cost:
Paperback on Amazon: $8.99 (the link My Blood Approves)
Barnes and Noble Nook Book: $0.99 ( the link)

Trust me this book is worth that 99 cents! Even if you don't like nook books, its worth the 8.99 too!
I really loved this book. Yeah it has the vampire theme everyone seems to be using these days, but to me the characters were original and it had a few twist to it.

(Now on may contain some spoilers)
I think I might like the wrong male character. Since I have only read the first book I try not to choose who I want to end up with who. But I can't help myself, I really like Peter. I have a feeling that Alice is going to end up with Jack. Don't get me wrong I like Jack. But every since we found out about them being vampires, he acts a little too childish. I know being a vampire, in this book, it takes several years for them to mature, but come on. You don't have to make him seem like he's 12. Peter....ah Peter. He is so mysterious and dark. He wants her then he doesn't want her. He tries his best to refuse her, but its taking a tole on him. Seriously Peter she was made for you! They have a bond, let the magic happen! I hope I get more peter-alice-sexy-ness! I haven't had the chance to start the second book yet, but I hope to soon. 

Right now I'm currently reading Vampire Academy Signature Edition: A Vampire Academy Novel and Evil in Carnations (Flower Shop Mysteries, No. 8). I mainly reading Vampire Academy though. So far it's pretty good. I have no idea what I'm going to read next. I have so many reads on my TBR list its crazy! Tomorrow I will definitely post a picture of all of the books.

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Oh Gosh I forgot. Happy 4th of July! Stupid me. +facepalm+

Happy Readings to All

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