Friday, January 7, 2011

In My Mailbox

This is the first In My Mailbox, for this blog. If you don't know much about it, The Story Siren does a fantastic description!

So today, I came in from school and noticed I had a box from USPS. It was my College Algebra book that I ordered on January 4, 2011 (this past Tuesday). Not that a college math book is totally interesting, but I thought it would be great considering the place that I ordered it from to try and give it exposure.

The place I ordered the book from is called AbeBooks. Any college student knows that books are expensive if you buy them from the bookstore, so like I do for everything else, I looked online. Amazon and eBay are my go-to places for online shopping, but they didn't have the book cheap enough. The book is $158 retail, and online at Amazon and eBay they were only about twenty dollars cheaper. I'm always seeking a better deal, so I Googled the ISBN.

I stumbled upon a link, which happened to be AbeBooks. The book was the exact one I needed and brand new for only $19.00. Standard shipping was $4.80 while Priority was $9.00. I hit the motherload with this deal. At first I didn't think it was legit, and since you can only pay by credit card (the only downside to the site; I tried paying with my debit card but it was declined) I looked up to see if there were other users who had used it before with positive results. Luckily, there were good opinions about it. So of course I bought that book with Priority shipping because I needed it by the end of this week for the class.

Despite my skepticism, the book was in the mail today. I was ecstatic. The first reason being that I got it so cheap, the second reason being I got it so fast (three days!), and the third being that this site is completely legit. So now my mission is to give exposure to them and let people know it really works and their prices are legit.

Check out the photos of the book and the thank you note the seller sent me in the package. The thank you note had a pack of Smartees attached to it. I thought that was a pretty nice little extra.

Here's the link for anyone interested:


  1. That is awesome! I passed the info along to my sister who's buying her books for the semester next week! Thanks for the tip!

  2. No problem! Glad I got to help someone!

  3. New follower! Hopefully you'll stop by my blog and say hi!

    Kristin@ MyBookishWays