Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Addition to the Blog

Hello all,

I suppose I've been formally introduced in the last blog post by its creator, so thank you for having me. I was called on to come and write posts occasionally about the books I read but hopefully I will be posting regularly. I will try to share things about myself that way you can get to know me and I will most definitely be bringing a variety of book genres to this blog.

The books I read tend to be more of the murder mystery and psychological thriller types, but I also enjoy a good humorous or satirical book. I also am trying to read some of the "classics" but overall I'm just exploring different genres in literature because I aspire to become a writer myself one day.

This was just a brief introduction and I hope to be blogging more soon to all you readers. With each post, I'll try to share at least one piece of information with you about myself and the book I'm currently reading.

This post's tidbit is that I'm currently reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. It is now on the Showtime channel and has been running for five seasons; it's been picked up for a sixth.
And a fact about myself is that this is my 32nd book since July 1st. I know that seems like a strange fact to keep up with the number of books, but I'll elaborate more in the next post as to why that's so important.

Thanks and Happy Reading!
J. Pardue

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