Sunday, December 26, 2010


I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas!! If you don't celebrate Christmas, then I hope you had a fantastic holiday!! I hope you got everything you wanted! Oh my sis got a Nook! I'm suppose to get more soon. Yay! My parents said they didn't know I wanted one so they are going to give me the money to get it! I'm so excited!

My Gifts:
Gossip Girl season 3
Bones season 5
Dollhouse season 2
Smallville season 9
The Day After Tomorrow
A Nail Kit
A Makeup Kit
$50 Starbucks gift card
A shirt
Shaving Cream/Razor
 RoadTrip (which is a thing to hook my iPhone up to my car)
A Holiday in Handcuffs
Of course CANDY!!!

In my hometown we actually got snow on Christmas Day for the first time since 1993! We got some serious snow too!! It snowed all through the night and into the morning! It's so beautiful. I, however, have not even been out in it yet!!! But I'm trying to convince my grams to go out with me. So I better go get dressed very warm!! I hope everyone else is having fun also!

Update- reading Evermore. It's good so far. I'm only on page 68. Haven't really had time to read since I've had all these DVDs calling my name!! Hah!

Happy Readings to All! (Or Happy DVDs to All)

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