Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Early Christmas Present!

Guess what guys............ I have another author on my blog now. He is one of my closet friends. I asked him to be an administrator, since I've been really slacking on my duties as a blogstress! Yes, I'm completely aware that I just created a word. Which, personally, I think is wicked! Anyways, totally distracted there for a bit. I'm so busy with High school, college, and work that I don't have enough time to read as much as I use to. A few years ago, I read about a book or two a day! Now it takes me several weeks to complete one.
Another reason I asked him to team up was because he reads different kinds of books than me. So maybe we can hit a wider range of follower's interest. Plus he is like ten times better writer than I! Lol

Update: I finally finished Hunted (A House of Night Novel). I will try my best to post "what I think" by the end of the week.

Happy Readings to You All!! 

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